Introduction of HS-G3015C fiber laser cutting machine

  Metal cutting machine model HS-G3015C is designed and produced for cutting metal plates made of iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and galvanized sheet.

The use of laser and fiber optic source technology has made it possible to cut thicker sheets of much better quality.

Laser cutting machine source This industrial laser device can be changed from 1500 to 3000 watts.

  Technical features of fiber laser cutting machine

  • The body of the device can work for at least twenty years without change due to the high accuracy in the design, construction, and use of advanced tensioning systems.
  • In order to easily guide the sheet, the machine is equipped with metal rotation balls.
  • Increase the life of the lens by using a lens protector
  • Perform cutting with high speed and low cost.
  • Possibility of continuous operation due to the high power of the laser source and its cooling system
  • Use of German and Swiss technology in the design and manufacture of laser heads
  • Equipped with Panasonic servo motor
  • Movement system based on Ball Screw or Rack & Pinion
  • Ability to arrange the map with the least amount of raw material loss with the help of Camp Cut device control software
  • It has an automatic inlet gas control system made by Aventics
  • Equipped with automatic Foucault Singh system
  • Possibility to install laser source from 1000 watts and up
  •  Convenient and easy operation on ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, and brass

 Coordinate features of fiber laser cutting machine

  •   Order work table up to dimensions of 2000 × 6000 mm
  •   Standard dimensions of work desk 1500 × 3000 mm
  •   Cutting accuracy up to 0.03%
  •   Movement accuracy of the device up to 0.01 mm
  •   Dimensions of the device 4600 × 2450 × 1700 mm
  •   Maximum acceleration of the device 2 G

  Click to download 1500 watt IPG source cutting tables for different materials and thicknesses.


  •   Use parts with high quality Japanese and European brands
  •   Scientific design of the body of the device and thus increase the durability of the initial accuracy
  •   The experienced and trained after-sales service team in order to solve possible problems as soon as possible
  •   Ability to install an alternative source in case of time-consuming repair of a possible device source defect
  •   Repair and supply parts needed domestically without the need for China, in most cases
  •  Reasonable and competitive price
  •   Professional training of the device operator in order to get the most out of it


  •   Increase the productivity of the production or service unit by increasing the production speed and quality
  •   Significant reduction in sheet casting (this number will be particularly significant in colored and steel sheets due to their high cost)
  •   Ability to design and manufacture various and new products quickly and cheaply with any circulation without the need for molding
  •   Ability to eliminate many pressing processes and molds used in production lines
  •   Fast assembly of parts after bending through the dramatic improvement of sheet cutting quality
  •   Ability to cut complex shapes and designs with very small dimensions for use in decorative and modern industries
  •   The very low maintenance cost on a laser machine, compared to conventional cutting methods (about $ 200 per month)

  View device video

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