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Save Transportation Costs and Space

The GXE upgraded model greatly reduces transportation costs and makes shipment easier because it can be packed in 40HQ+20GP containers.

The 4th Generation Aviation Aluminum Beam

Carbon Structural Steel Welding Machine Bed

The semi-hollow machine bed features good rigidity, less heat absorption, fast heat dissipation, and anti-deformation; Remain stable after long-term working at high speed.

Full-automatic Double Pneumatic Chucks


        Click a button to clamp, automatic centering, 3 times faster than electric chuck; Pneumatic clamping with large and constant clamping force, thus, heavy tube is tightly clamped without slipping, cutting accuracy guaranteed; Specialized tube support can avoid tube sagging and deformation, improving the cutting accuracy and prolonging the service life of chuck;


Simple Operation, User-friendly


Technical Parameter


Feature/Model G3015B-22EQ
Working Area (L*W) 3048mmx1524mm
X/Y Axis Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Max. Moving Speed 60m/min
Max. Acc. Speed 0.5G
Laser Power 1000W~4000W
Max. Loading Weight 900kg
Machine Weight 8900kg
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 9200*3500*2200
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